Mosquitoes are out in quite a bit of force this winter.  I am extremely curious as to why.  I am one of those people that ALWAYS gets bit by them in warm weather.  I can be outside in a summer evening and the rest of the people I am with get one or two bites and I will get hundreds.   I have seen mosquitoes before in cold weather, but not in extreme cold weather.  And I have never been bitten like this in the winter.  They have came in the house when you open the door.  And I have been bitten several times while out taking photos in weather well below freezing.  This is not normal, even for me.

I even photographed this one, (taken January 14th, 2010).


up closer:

It seems unusual to be dealing with them AND major snow storms.  We’ve had a colder winter than we have in years.  Temperatures well into single digits many nights, so how are they flying about and biting so much this winter?  That is certainly not the norm for here.  The ones I am seeing are not even seeming to be slowed down much by the cold.  This year two flew into our kitchen when I opened the door to let the dog outside, when it was the middle of the night and 8 degrees out.  It’s almost as if they are immune to the cold this year.  If anyone has any thoughts I’d love to hear them.

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Fall color and a Mosquito


Mosquito on a fall leaf.


Blends in really well doesn’t it?


More fall color:






That last photo (above), was so amazing in person.  This smaller version for the blog really doesn’t do the photograph justice.  I am so happy I was able to capture that moment.  So that I can remember that feeling whenever I look at it.  Looking up at all of the different trees, against a beautiful sky I couldn’t help but just take in the moment and thank God for all of the things that he has brought me through, that I was able to just be there in that moment to see such a beautiful thing.

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