When my husband first purchased a bag of whole corn for the squirrels, I commented to him on the fact that the squirrels weren’t burying any of it.  Another sign of how hard of a year they are having with so little mast.  I said, “I wonder how long it will take till they feel well fed enough to start trying to hid some away for future use.”

Well, eventually they did.  But what was amusing was them hiding it in our yard.  Many years ago we had a large hickory tree at the edge of the yard and they would sometimes hide hickory nuts at the very edge of the yard.  But it was funny watching them hid the corn all over.  My husband said, “You know, with that being whole corn we will probably have some corn coming up in the yard soon.”  And he was right.

I saw one little corn plant coming up today, then looked around and found it sprouting up all over the hillside where they’ve been hiding it.  LOL


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