Blue Jays

Blue Jays eating in the rain:

They often seem to come to eat when it is raining outside.
These shots were all taken through our window.


The front of a Blue Jay and the back of another:


This one kept grabbing a hunk of suet, then throwing the parts it didn’t want up into the air at a rapid and wasteful pace, then eating what was left.  But it was funny to watch:


And lastly, I give you this Blue Jay, who apparently felt the need to stare oddly at the suet each time before taking a bite:

~ ~ ~

Birds and a Squirrel

These were the visitors at our suet and corn October 15th, 2009.

a rather shy Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus) :



a Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) :



getting a little wet in the rainy drizzle







and a squirrel decides he is hungry enough to come out in the rain to eat too




~ ~ ~

July 6th, 2009 – Blue Jay

Below are some photos of Blue Jays  ( Cyanocitta cristata ).

They are not the best quality photographs (taken at too great of a distance), but I found them amusing.  So I figured, why not throw them in here?  I noticed these two Blue Jays stealing dog food.  So I started watching them.  They didn’t mind my watching, until I started photographing them.  My camera makes a noticeable amount of noise.  And that drew their attention.

As you can see in this first photograph he was still focused on his next flight down to the dog food bowl:

Blue Jay - 07-06-09
Blue Jay - 07-06-09

Here is a photo taken a few shots later of one in flight, and the other giving me the stink eye:


If you think a bird cannot give you the stink eye, let me zoom in a little closer:


So after awhile of this (and I do mean awhile).  They decided that they would just sit there on the fence being perterbed at me:


Within moments of me going inside, they went back to stealing dog food.  🙂