Tufted Titmouse hits window

Today a young Tufted Titmouse flew into our window, quite hard.  It landed on the steps to our deck (high cat traffic area) and it’s mother and father proceeded to do everything they could to get it to fly to safety.  I apologize (again) for the blurry photos.  These are worse than usual through-the-window shots, because they are on the low window that my young children put their hands on when they look out.  But I thought it was worth capturing because it was so worrisome (don’t worry it ends well) and because the parents to this baby bird were trying so hard to get it to fly to safety.  It was stunned on the deck steps for approx. 45 minutes.  The following photos and video clips were taken during that time.

Worried parent:


Baby closest, parent further out:


Now below is what I think was Momma bird (but I could have them backwards), doing something that was really interesting to watch.  She was somehow trying to communicate to the baby bird to move and leave the area.  The baby bird was stunned and not responding.  But she was flapping her wings in a half open/closed/half open/closed fashion very rapidly, while clicking her beak open and shut over and over again.  It was interesting to watch, she did this for a loooooong time.  I watched closely to see what would happen and also to make sure that all the commotion didn’t draw in a cat.

It was actually kind of gut wrenching to watch her panic.     😦


In this next shot, “Momma” bird is on the left still doing her frantic dance, baby in the middle still stunned but starting to turn it’s head and blink it’s eyes a little, and “Daddy” bird was on the right.

Notice the cat prints on the step, they were right to want to get the baby out of there ASAP.

Now I’ll show you the three short video clips I took at the end of all of this.  In them you can see how the “Daddy” bird was flying in and hitting the baby, trying to get it to move.  There is no worthwhile sound on these so you may want to just mute it.  If you hear odd baby noises in the background that would be my baby girl playing in the room behind me while I filmed this.  😉
And in the last clip the baby finally “comes around” and flies off safely with Mom & Dad.    🙂

Clip 1:
They aren’t doing a whole lot in this first short clip.


Clip 2:
In this clip you get to see some of the frantic communication from the mother, and you get to see the father flying into the baby trying to get it to go.


Clip 3:
And this is the one where it finally works.

It was really nice to see a happy ending to this.  And it was touching to see how long they stuck around and tried.

~ ~ ~