Lots of CP pics for today

The weather had been suitably humid, muggy and wet so we brought out my indoor carnivorous plants to play.  Ok, not to play.  😉   But to enjoy some “real” weather (sun, rain) and bugs.  Can’t forget the bugs!

This blog post contains Sundews, Venus fly traps, and lots of Pitcher Plants.




Notice the hairs.  They are curved to help prevent caught insects from crawling back out.


Next is a new growth on the pitcher plant, that has yet to fully open.
I love the color on it.


That is Sundew to the right of it.


Notice all the rain water caught in this next one.  It does not harm their digestive ability though.



The next ones are also Pitcher plants and a small Venus fly trap in the right corner.



More Pitcher Plant and Sundew:


Hope you enjoyed them.  I think CPs are lovely plants.  Creepy, but lovely.  🙂

~ ~ ~