July 23rd, 2009 – Robin family

The photos below are of a Robin family.  American Robin ( Turdus Migratorius ) or often called the North American Robin.

This little Robin family built a nest in a tree fairly close to my house.  Right near where the dogs stay and the cats regularly walk.  Not terribly smart.  And today one of their babies fell out.  Can you spot it in the photo?

Can you find the baby Robin ?
Can you find the baby Robin ?

I watched to see what was going to come of this, and thankfully the mother and father were still caring for the baby.  I watched them come and go for hours, all while trying to keep an eye out for the cats.

(Sorry for the fuzziness in some of the photos below.  The fuzzy ones were taken through a window.)


In for another meal:


She doesn’t look very happy with me. :


And in for another meal:


Yes I know, you are still watching me:


And I get the stink eye from a bird again:


After all those hours of behaving so well and staying safely hidden in the grass, the baby bird eventually decided to start behaving dangerously.  He was coming out and hopping about:


Then he moved on from living dangerously, to being just plain stupid.  Not that he knew any better of course.  But he headed straight into an area where the cats go regularly and he had no cover.  An area we could not leave him in.


So… I called in reinforcements.  (i.e. someone able to do things like bend over and then walk up the hill)  My husband came to the rescue.  When he scooped the baby robin up, he apparently thought it was feeding time.  😉  :


My husband moved him to what is hopefully a much safer location.  In the tall brush by the woods.  And the mother and father robin dive bombed him the entire time.   You kind of have to respect something so tiny, willing to take on something so big to defend it’s offspring.  I felt bad for them, how stressed they were.  As they followed them up the hill, diving and screeching at him for messing with their baby.  But better him than a cat.

This look is well beyond “stink eye”.  We’ve moved onto something else here.  Something like… “I’d kill you if I could.”   This was taken so far away that the quality is horrible.  But notice the puffed out chest and the puffed up head feathers.  :


But all ended well (as far as we know).  The little bird did a good job of chirping to it’s parents till they found him.  And they watched it all so closely that it wasn’t hard.  And we didn’t move him too far.  Just somewhere safer.  Here is mother and father sitting on the far end of the fence.  Where they would land in-between going to the brush to feed him and back.  They did a good job of not flying directly in, to avoid attracting predators.   I watched them continue to care for him for quite some time.  Hopefully all turned out well.  I think chances are good that it did.