Squirrel Trail !

I love it when I see something new.  And this was certainly something I had never seen before.  I’ve heard of deer trails, dog trails, etc. but never a squirrel trail.  LOL!

As I was looking out an upstairs window today, I noticed an odd diagonal line in the grass that I am sure was not normally there.  I was puzzled for a moment, then it hit me.  It was a trail beaten down by the squirrels on their way to the corn!  It doesn’t start until the tree on the right, because they come into that tree at almost all angles.  But once they get into the yard, they always go to the tree on the far right of this photo first, check things out (look out for people, dogs, cats, etc.) then make their way to the second tree where the corn is.  They always walk between those two trees in the same place, and I guess they have worn down a path.

I thought it was funny.  A squirrel trail was new to me.  🙂

Sorry for the poor photo quality but it was taken from a window.


~ ~ ~

Squirrel fight


This was pretty amusing.  The light squirrel (flasher squirrel) was eating at the bottom of the tree and the newer visitor came in and attacked him over the corn.  That was not the amusing part.  The amusing part was when they rolled into a ball, and rolled ALL the way down the hill.  To where Sniffer (our approx. 10 pound Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix) was out on a chain for a potty break.

And before someone asks me why we had a dog so small on a chain, it is because she hates to go to the bathroom on  leash.  Just hates it.  And if you let her loose to go potty, she runs off in the woods, thinking she is big enough to go hunt things.  And there are coyotes in the area.  So that is a very very bad idea for a dog so small.  So we keep a lightweight chain by the back door and she was outside on a potty break while I was out taking photos.

So back to the story, the bigger squirrel jumped flasher squirrel and they fought, right as I was snapping a photo.


Right after I snapped this photo, they separated and both jumped straight up into the air and collided onto each other.  They were both biting each other and hit the ground in a ball shape.  They landed with such force that they quickly rolled down the hill probably 20 feet.  And literally right before they hit Sniffer, they separated and ran off into the woods their separate ways.  What made this so funny was Sniffer.  She saw it happen and ran down the sidewalk so that they would land right on her – had they not stopped about 1 foot out of her reach.  For that nano second as they came whirling down the hill at her, she was soooooooooooooo happy.  She thought she was going to get herself a big ball of squirrels I suppose.  LOL!  And knowing Sniffer, had they came within her reach, I am certain she would have tried.

Needless to say she was quite disappointed when they stopped within a foot of her, then ran off into the woods.  She just sat there, looking like she just missed the greatest opportunity ever.   🙂  LOL!

~ ~ ~


The squirrel that loves to sit in the basket all the time that I nicknamed Aviator Squirrel, had a warble awhile back.  I didn’t post any of the photos of it, because they were fairly unpleasant to look at.  But I noticed today that the warble is out and healing now.  So that is good.

(If you don’t know what a warble is, it is a nasty fly larvae that buries through the skin of the squirrel and causes a nasty lump until it emerges, leaving a hole that has to heal.)

In this photo from today you can see it is gone and starting to heal nicely.



This next photo is of our newest visitor, the one I blogged about the other day.  Our 4th regular now.  He/she is larger than our regular three and doesn’t seem to get along very well with them at all.  They tolerate each other as long as a certain distance is observed but they don’t look comfortable around each other at all.  Why this one doesn’t fit in, I don’t know.  I suspect that perhaps the 3 slightly smaller squirrels were litter mates and have a better bond or something.  Hard to say.

I noticed in today’s photos of the new squirrel that it has some wounds.  A scratch on its head and a bloody spot under the neck.  They are hard to see in anything blogable size. But you can see the red spot under its neck.



Now for something I find kind of funny.  My husband bought some rice cakes the awhile back.  I knew he would hate them.  I tried to tell him that, but sometimes a man just has to learn something for himself.  😉
They were that plain round kind that taste like you would suspect styrofoam would taste.  Anyway…  after he tried one and quickly realized he wasn’t going to eat them, he asked me what he should do with them.  I am really big on not wasting food.  So we try to use everything, and what we don’t/can’t we usually let the dogs have.  (As long as it is a dog safe food of course.)  Well…  I knew even the dogs would want nothing to do with those rice cakes.  So I said, well how about you try seeing if the squirrels will eat them.  Thank goodness I told him to only lay one out there under the tree, as a test.  Because it didn’t go well.  The squirrels sniff it, get a look that says “That’s not food.”  and they move on.  LOL!

Finally after that one rice cake sat out there for probably over a week, one of the squirrels decided it would be fun to shred it.  (Squirrels are big on shredding things for fun sometimes.)  And the shredded little pile laid there for quite some time.  Finally I think the rain has washed most of it away.  But here is a photo I took Oct. 2nd of the new squirrel checking out the rice cake next to the corn and dismissing it like the other 3 had.


I love the cautious way that he/she approached it.  Like, What in the world is that?
My answer would be – don’t ask me… styrofoam?    😉

~ ~ ~

“Do NOT call me a girl !!!”

I had dubbed the smaller, light colored, fine boned, shy squirrel a female.  It was never more than a guess.  But I referred to it as such on here, etc.  Well apparently he did not like that.  And has decided to retaliate by showing me more than I wish to see.  LOL    😉

You’ll have to take my word for it.


I apologize MR. Squirrel.  From now on, rest assured, you will be referred to as “he”.

~ ~ ~

“Aviator Squirrel”

This squirrel seems quite particular about eating from the hanging basket.  He doesn’t like to eat on the ground, he doesn’t like to eat on the stump, and he doesn’t like another squirrel to get near his basket while he’s in it.

We have had a lot of wind recently and the basket tends to swing about some.  As it does, he likes to hold onto the front and look straight ahead.  Then when it stops, he goes back to his normal sitting and eating position.  But if the basket is moving, he’s in that pose.  This has earned him the nickname “Aviator Squirrel”.  Someday I simply must remember to get a video clip of it, because explaining it really doesn’t do it justice.  But it is quite comical watching him looking like he is trying to steer the basket as it flies about in the wind.

For now, a photo will have to do:



When the basket stops moving he goes back to eating.
What I find amusing about that, is that whenever he spots me taking his photo,
he attempts to hide behind his tail:



And then he peeks at me:



Then after a bit, he decides he doesn’t really mind me watching.
At least not too much.




~ ~ ~