Today it was 90 degrees outside!  Which is shockingly hot for April 2nd here.  I noticed something interesting.  Wasps were really aggressive all day long.  Even other people were commenting on it.  Which is odd because typically this time of year here they are flying around looking for places to make a nest.  And they aren’t typically more aggressive until later in the summer.  And by that time they have their nests set up, etc.  But I’m thinking now that their aggressiveness must be tied more to temperature, than to what stage they are in.  Because during these warm days they have been as mean as they are in August.  And the temps today are about what they are in August.  Just a random observation.

~ ~ ~

Black Ice

I didn’t take any photos today.  But I just wanted to note that we went from flowers to black ice overnight.  We had a very heavy frost and woke up to lots of black ice everywhere this morning.  Lots of dangerous steps and driveways when people woke up today.  And the frost finished off my crocuses as well.  The Easter lillies have survived, but with some damage.

~ ~ ~

Huge snowflakes

There has been no shortage of snow this year.  But during the wee hours of the morning I saw some of the largest snowflakes I ever recall seeing.  Of course they had to be clumps of snowflakes.  But they were big.  Some of them were approx. 3 to 4 inches across.  They looked really pretty falling.  The ground was warm, so they were melting pretty fast.  It took awhile before it really started to stick on the ground.  It wasn’t easy to photograph.  I tried some with flash on, with the flash off, with the porch light on, with it off, etc.  They just don’t look very big in these pictures, but I assure you they were huge.


Like I said, not great quality photos.  But it was very fun to watch falling.

~ ~ ~