Pink flower

A macro shot of a little pink flower on a weed in the yard. Sorry I don’t know what it is called.
The entire bloom is smaller than a dime.

~ ~ ~

Squirrel fight


This was pretty amusing.  The light squirrel (flasher squirrel) was eating at the bottom of the tree and the newer visitor came in and attacked him over the corn.  That was not the amusing part.  The amusing part was when they rolled into a ball, and rolled ALL the way down the hill.  To where Sniffer (our approx. 10 pound Chihuahua / Jack Russell Terrier mix) was out on a chain for a potty break.

And before someone asks me why we had a dog so small on a chain, it is because she hates to go to the bathroom on  leash.  Just hates it.  And if you let her loose to go potty, she runs off in the woods, thinking she is big enough to go hunt things.  And there are coyotes in the area.  So that is a very very bad idea for a dog so small.  So we keep a lightweight chain by the back door and she was outside on a potty break while I was out taking photos.

So back to the story, the bigger squirrel jumped flasher squirrel and they fought, right as I was snapping a photo.


Right after I snapped this photo, they separated and both jumped straight up into the air and collided onto each other.  They were both biting each other and hit the ground in a ball shape.  They landed with such force that they quickly rolled down the hill probably 20 feet.  And literally right before they hit Sniffer, they separated and ran off into the woods their separate ways.  What made this so funny was Sniffer.  She saw it happen and ran down the sidewalk so that they would land right on her – had they not stopped about 1 foot out of her reach.  For that nano second as they came whirling down the hill at her, she was soooooooooooooo happy.  She thought she was going to get herself a big ball of squirrels I suppose.  LOL!  And knowing Sniffer, had they came within her reach, I am certain she would have tried.

Needless to say she was quite disappointed when they stopped within a foot of her, then ran off into the woods.  She just sat there, looking like she just missed the greatest opportunity ever.   🙂  LOL!

~ ~ ~

hunter safety

It’s that time of year again, hunting season.  I’d just like to remind everyone hunting to never forget basic safety precautions.  No matter how many years you’ve been hunting, anyone can still make a mistake.

This afternoon we found our back steps, sidewalk, dog’s water bowl, and windowsill covered in buck shot.  😦

Thankfully it fell from a downward arch over the hill and nobody was hurt.  Still it was more than a little unsettling.

Last year we ended up with a hole in one of our buildings.  And this year this area where my children play being covered in buckshot, is enough to make a mother more than a little upset.  A cousin of mine is in from out-of-state and visiting next door, and he accidentally took a poorly chosen shot while squirrel hunting.  He has promised to be more careful.  He would never purposely endanger my family.  But it was a scary mistake and a reminder that everyone needs to remember to always think about where their shots will end up, not just what they are firing at.


In front of my back door:

DSCF4067_12%_300dpi(all of the round specks are buck shot)


my windowsill:


Thankfully everyone is fine.

~ ~ ~

Welcome to the world my little one!

I haven’t posted anything new for a little bit.  Because I’ve been busy.  😉


My daughter was born July 27th, 2009, weighing 7 lbs 10 ozs and 21 inches long.  A fantastic size for a baby born a full three weeks early.  God answered my prayers and kept our little girl in longer than any of the doctors predicted I would be able to, and most importantly long enough for her to be healthy and ready to enter the world.

I had a very rough surgery experience this time around and I’ve got lots of recuperating to do but I hope to get back to at least my normal, soon.  Some things have already improved a lot.  Some things are still a struggle but I am keeping faith as always.

This is not a “personal” type blog, nor do I wish it to be.  But I had to share our good news.  For a woman that was told many years ago she would likely never be able to have children, God has blessed my husband and I with three wonderful little people who mean the world to me.  They make my life worth living.