These were taken June 3rd, 2009 (last week).

Lately we’ve had rabbits sneaking into the yard to nibble things, especially of the evening. I was able to sneak outside and get a few shots of three of them last week. Actually they were very tolerant of me being there, so much so that I ended up talking to them just to get them to turn their heads toward me in curiosity and make different faces at me. Which I thought was pretty amusing. At one point they thought they needed to run from me and headed away just a bit, but then they smelled something tasty and had to stop and eat it instead. LOL!

When I was about to wrap it up and come inside I saw the third rabbit, who initially spooked and started back toward the woods, but then decided no – that he’d rather go out in the open to the other two rabbits. Not the most brilliant move – had I actually been a threat. But since I wasn’t, he was safe. 😉 But he did manage to get himself photographed some more. 🙂

Here are a few of the shots from that day.





The third rabbit:


This is how far away I actually was, taking these shots:


The third rabbit licking his feet clean:


The third rabbit running out into the open to the other two, for “safety”.  😉


By that last shot there was so little light left outside that I am really surprised that I got that picture at all.  But that is why it is not as clear of a photograph, it was actually rather dark.

Today my husband saw them out with an entire batch of little tiny babies, but I wasn’t able to go out and get any photos.  😦   Maybe I’ll get another chance.