Slate bed waterfalls

These are some small waterfalls where the bed is slate.  Can I just say how much I love these?  I have always loved these.  There are many near my home, tucked away, heading to streams and into the main creek.   There are some large, absolutely gorgeous ones buried deep in the woods not too far from my house.  But I am unable to walk the mountains to get there now.  I used to go through there with my family sometimes as a kid.  It was one of my favorite places.  Lots of interesting salamanders there too.

The ones in this area are smaller and not nearly so eye catching.  But I like them a lot all the same.  They are actually near the road and lead directly to the main creek.  They are narrow and tucked away, and would be easily missed if you weren’t looking.



See how easy it would be to drive right by that?



Here’s another one.

First a full shot:



a close up of the top:



A close up of the breaking away of the slate in the middle:


~ ~ ~