Sycamore seed pod

It’s not often that I see these Sycamore tree seed pods completely intact.  Typically the fall from so high, knocks them open.


Edited August 2010 to add:  Apparently search engines love this page.  That’s cool.  I mean what blogger wouldn’t like that?  And apparently more people search for Sycamore tree seed pods than I would have ever imagined.  But recently I’ve noticed that search engines have been sending people here almost daily that searched for “Maple tree seeds”, or “maple tree seed pods”.  I am not sure why.  So after seeing this for weeks I thought I’d try to help a little.

If you came here searching for Maple tree seed pods then let me help direct you to the correct location: You can go to the top of the page, hover over “Photo Categories”, then “Plants”, then “Trees”, then click on “Maple Trees”.  There you will find any current and future posts that I categorize on Maple trees and their seeds.  I do have them.  But this is a Sycamore seed pod on this page, not a Maple tree seed pod.  A Maple tree seed pod looks like this.  I hope that helps!

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