Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly on Lilac


These shots were hard to get because this female Tiger Swallowtail butterfly was a good 6-8 feet above my head and the wind was blowing fiercely the entire time.  Another gust would come and she would hold on for dear life, sometimes getting blown off the lilac all together, then coming back for more.


a close up:

~ ~ ~


I thought this Butterfly was so pretty!  I haven’t had much luck capturing butterfly photos for the blog.  They seem to be rather scarce this past year, and when I did see them they were too far away, or flew too quickly.  But this one was so great.  I took these October 29th.  He hung around and let me take oodles of good photos of him.  I’ll post one here.

I don’t know what he is, I’m not very good with Butterfly names.  I only know a few.  But I think I’ve seen this type on Mary’s blog before, so I’m hoping she can tell me what it is.  (hint hint)  LOL!!!    🙂

If a different view would be helpful to anyone in identifying him, let me know.  I took lots of him.  I can post more if needed.

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I finally saw a butterfly to photograph this year.  I’ve hardly seen any out and about this year, and those that I saw were not during times that I could photograph.  Unfortunately it was so windy that the plant it was on was swinging wildly all over the place, so it is not a very good photograph.  I probably wouldn’t even post it, if not for the fact that I didn’t have any butterflies on here yet.

It is a Viceroy  (Limenitis archippus).  Back when I used to paint, I used to sometimes paint Viceroys.  Sorry the photo isn’t better.  If you’d seen the wind, you would wonder how I even got this shot.  LOL


Hopefully I can get some better butterfly photos in the future.

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