Eastern Tent Caterpillar on Indian Strawberry

An Eastern Tent Caterpillar, walking across some Indian Strawberry plants:


This little guy was not a very willing participant in my nature photography.

He kept moving the entire time.

Mother’s Day 2010

It’s not every day that you are greeted at your door by little people with flowers and a balloon.  🙂  But it’s nice!

My two oldest went to my parent’s house for a little while on Mother’s Day and during their visit, they came by and brought me a Happy Mother’s Day balloon and flowers “they” got me.  😉
They are at an age (6 & 7)  where getting a photograph of the two of them together where they aren’t moving, talking, and/or making silly faces is nearly impossible.  So I take whatever photo I can get.  LOL!

(The flower is an annual called a Lobelia.  I kept the basket on our outdoor table all spring/summer and it flowered the entire time.  My mom and my husband helped me keep it watered on days I wasn’t feeling well.  I was really impressed by how many little flowers it ended up making, and how long it kept them.  It was quite a nice gift.  🙂   And outdoors it did not have a strong odor, which is a nice perk for those like me with allergies.  I took better photographs of it that I will share later on, as I come to them.)

While the older two were visiting their Grandma for a few hours, my husband and I took the baby out to get some new photographs of her.  Here is one of those:

I hope all the mothers out there had a lovely day!

~ ~ ~

Clover Blooms

As is often the case, my mind is distracted by one thing while trying to focus on another.  Right now I’m thinking is the proper phrase “clover blooms” or “clover blossoms”.  I haven’t the foggiest idea.  So I went with Clover blooms, since that is how I would most likely say it out loud.  Which is why it is probably wrong.  LOL   If you know, leave me a comment.

Now back on topic,  I think clover is a good example of how we over look the everyday beauty in our lives.  Most people don’t pay any attention at all to clover.  Or they treat it as a yard weed.  Or maybe a child looks for a 4 leaf clover.  But how often do we stop and appreciate how pretty it is?


When I look at the tiny flowers within the flower, they remind me a bit of tiny little Irises.
The Iris is my favorite flower.

~ ~ ~

Front deck

I took all of the Rhododendron photos from here, on the front deck.

The deck was covered in maple seeds from the huge maple tree.
I don’t spend nearly as much time out here as I would like to.  My health issues keep me inside far too much.
Most of my photo taking is done in short trips outside.  When I was healthier I would spend almost all of my time outside.  I miss the things I used to be able to do, more than words could ever say.  If there is something you want to do, you should do it while you can, because you never know what tomorrow might hold.

~ ~ ~

Rhododendron – Part Two

These are not quite as nice as the photos I put in Part one of this post, but I wanted to include them all the same.



I would have loved to have done some close photography of these in macro mode, but they are located on the side of my house that is at the edge of a very steep bank.  Something my legs/balance just aren’t up to at this time.  So these will have to do.


For some reason this particular bunch of blossoms below had me thinking of wedding flowers.  How lovely and unique it would be, to have a May wedding with Rhododendron bouquets.  (Assuming you didn’t have allergies of course.  lol)

~ ~ ~


Updated photos of a few of my Hostas

Here are a few updated photos of my hostas.  They did very nicely this year.

This one had a great year, having noticeable growth this year.


And here’s my big one, and the yellowish one it is swallowing up beside it:

My husband swears he will help me transplant it next spring before the leaves come out.  I file that promise under, “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  LOL  But I hope he means it this time.  The yellow one didn’t even make seeds this fall (it’s Nov 2010, I am posting this late).  So I fear if we don’t move it next spring it won’t make it.  The last time I measured the big one on the left it had a spread of over 10 feet across.  It is BIG.

~ ~ ~