Turkey Vultures

I like turkey vultures.  Nobody else seems to.  But I do.  I always seem to like the unpopular birds. I’m not sure why that is. Anyway…  I watched these two for quite awhile but never could get a good focus on them. They were changing altitude too rapidly and moving too quickly. And with my bad neck I have issues with attempting photos at this angle. But they were making these overlapping circles in opposite directions and coming so very close to hitting each other. This photo is not in focus, and heavily cropped, but it shows how close they really were when their circles overlapped.

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How you know you have a small dog

What I am about to describe happens so often and I always say, “This is how you know you have a small dog.”
We have other dogs but our very small dog is Sniffer.  (Our son named her Sniffer several years ago when he was very young.  He said, “Because she sniffs out crunchy treats.”  Due to her habit of following the kids around cleaning up their crumbs.)

Sniffer is a rescue.  1/2 Chihuahua and 1/2  Jack Russell Terrier.  And she would like to be about as onery as you would imagine a cross of those two breeds would be.  But I am very good at training dogs.  So she’s a great little girl, with very few of the quirks of a toy breed.  And we just love her to pieces.

She’s actually about 10 pounds, but you would never guess it by looking at her.  She is quite small.  But her body is very compact and muscular, so she weighs more than you would think by looking at her.

When she goes out to potty she sometimes likes to nap in the sun at the back steps.  If she relaxes enough to go into “dead dog” sleeping mode, she attracts vultures.  It creeps me out a little.  If you think about it, they are just hoping one day she’ll be dead and not sleeping I guess.  So that’s kinda morbid and gross.  But since she’s not dead and just napping, and they never get too close, it’s mostly just funny.  Sometimes I’ll let her out and then be washing the dishes and I’ll look out the window and see big shadows going across the yard and I’ll know the vultures are circling her again.  LOL!   They never land in the yard, but they do circle.  If we step outside they usually leave, or circle very high, instead of down so low.

Today I decided to try to get a video clip of them.  You can’t see Sniffer in the video clip, but she was sleeping on the sidewalk and this is the turkey vultures circling above.  They were very high up by the time I took this clip.  I apologize in advance for the shakiness.  My current neurological symptoms make it hard to hold a camera still.  They were lower in my first clip, but I was too shaky to make it worth uploading.  I did a little better for this clip:

And here’s a photo of sweet little Sniffer.  Otherwise known as Vulture bait.   😉

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