Eastern Tent Caterpillar on Indian Strawberry

An Eastern Tent Caterpillar, walking across some Indian Strawberry plants:


This little guy was not a very willing participant in my nature photography.

He kept moving the entire time.

Indian Strawberry

Today’s photo is of Indian Strawberry (Duchesnea indica).  It vines about in the grass, makes little yellow flowers, and tiny little strawberry-like looking berries.  I should have taken a photo of one of the berries but my camera was starting to fog up from the severe humidity this day, so I got back inside quickly.  (I once ruined a nice digital camera taking a shot in really high humidity.  So I’m a little gun shy about that now.)

The funny thing about this plant is that some people consider it a medicinal herb, a food, etc.  and work hard to get it to grow.  Others consider it a pesky weed and cover their yard, their soil, (and therefore themselves and their air and the air of others near them) in horrible chemicals in an effort to rid their precious grass of it.

I just see it in my yard and sometimes take pictures of it.     🙂




See the little grass bugs.  Sorry, I don’t know their “official” name.  They are just “grass bugs” to me.   😉

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