While I was photographing the Woodpecker in the last post, a hawk flew in up on the mountain.  I’m not great at bird identification, but I think it is a Cooper’s hawk.  It was very far away and raining, so the photos aren’t great.  I watched it sit there for awhile, while nearby crows went crazy making a big fuss about it being around.  It ignored them and preened it’s feathers, even looked at me at time or two.  Then it flew to the ground.  I don’t know what it did, I never saw it fly back up and I waited for as long as I could in the cold.  It didn’t really fly down like they do when they are after something.  So I’m not sure what it was up to.  I have it going to the ground on a video clip.  But it’s not a very good clip because of my shakiness, so I didn’t upload it to the video log.  I can if someone is really interested in it.  But it’s not that great.

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August 22nd, 2009

I was really wanting to go out and about today some, but just wasn’t able.  I was telling my husband how much I wish I could get outside today.  And he asked if I would like for him to go around and take some photos for me.  Of course I said yes.  The photos in this post are his.

First up, a Broad-winged Hawk  ( Buteo platypterus ) sitting on a power line:



I wish these photos were a tad sharper.  But these images were taken from very far away, so this is the best he could do, given the excessive distance.   I thought this one was particularly interesting.  He knows he’s being spied on, and he’s turning his head almost all the way backwards to see:



In this next one, he caught him mid-feather fluff:



Next, just a couple of shots of the creek nearby.  I spent most of my time here growing up playing in the creek or in the woods, with a dog or two by my side.  🙂   Those were good times.  🙂
I’m sure I would still be doing the same things now if my body would let me.  Except now I would probably have more than two dogs tagging along, 3 kids, and a camera.   😉