Our Northern Cardinal

Did you read that and think “Our?”

Well, if you did, that wasn’t a typo.  It was because this little guy feels like he’s “ours” because he seems to have claimed us.  For the longest time he was downright ornery about being photographed.  He would prance and prance about until I went to get the camera, then he would fly… every. single. time.

Now, we have apparently successfully “bought” his tolerance with enough sunflower seed, that he now allows photos.  Either that, or he now realizes my camera is not some predator about to eat him.  😉

Regardless, he now allows me to take his photo without flying off, most of the time.



See him eyeballing me, while I take his photo.  LOL

He has quite a bit of attitude.  He likes to come and fuss loudly at our window if there isn’t any seed.

~ ~ ~

Eastern Tent Caterpillar on Indian Strawberry

An Eastern Tent Caterpillar, walking across some Indian Strawberry plants:


This little guy was not a very willing participant in my nature photography.

He kept moving the entire time.

Momma Bluebird

I wasn’t the only one in the yard mothering on Mother’s Day.   😉

Our Eastern Bluebird pair that quickly took residence of the bird house the kids made, has been hard at work, coming and going.  But Momma Bluebird now appears to be sitting on eggs.  Daddy Bluebird is bringing her lots of food and she doesn’t leave the bird house very often.  Here she is peeking out, waiting for him to bring her another insect to eat.

I have a ton of blurry photos like this of this family.  It’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of them through older style double pane glass windows, and trying to shoot through the kid’s swing set to get a view.  lol!
But you get the idea.  She is now sitting on the nest.

~ ~ ~

Clover Blooms

As is often the case, my mind is distracted by one thing while trying to focus on another.  Right now I’m thinking is the proper phrase “clover blooms” or “clover blossoms”.  I haven’t the foggiest idea.  So I went with Clover blooms, since that is how I would most likely say it out loud.  Which is why it is probably wrong.  LOL   If you know, leave me a comment.

Now back on topic,  I think clover is a good example of how we over look the everyday beauty in our lives.  Most people don’t pay any attention at all to clover.  Or they treat it as a yard weed.  Or maybe a child looks for a 4 leaf clover.  But how often do we stop and appreciate how pretty it is?


When I look at the tiny flowers within the flower, they remind me a bit of tiny little Irises.
The Iris is my favorite flower.

~ ~ ~

Woolly Spider

To avoid any possible confusion, please do not think that the “official” name of this type of spider is “woolly spider”.  It’s not.  Or it could be for all I know. LOL  That’s just what I call them, “woolly little jumping spiders”.

I am not fond of spiders, but ….  if I find one interesting while out with my camera, I will sometimes take it’s photo.  This little fella kept sitting on the side of our gutter, defying gravity, and hopping back and forth until finally I gave in and photographed him.  If you are squeamish like me in regards to spiders, I apologize in advance.

This little guy (or gal) was about the size of a dime.  Notice it’s creepy little spider shadow.  eeewww

~ ~ ~