Eastern Tent Caterpillar on Indian Strawberry

An Eastern Tent Caterpillar, walking across some Indian Strawberry plants:


This little guy was not a very willing participant in my nature photography.

He kept moving the entire time.

Odd Flying Insect

I have no idea what this is.  It was sitting on the outdoor table near my flowers.  Terribly low light conditions so the photos aren’t good.  If anyone knows what this is, let me know.  Thanks!


~ ~ ~


My husband says this is a mayfly.   After looking it up, I think he is correct.  Apparently they come in hundreds of varieties.  While looking it up I found this website, which you might find interesting if wanting to learn more about the mayfly (www.mayfly.org).

This one was on the outside of our door.

As a side note, be forewarned, if you photograph the outside of your door on macro mode, you will want to scrub on it for a week!  Eeek!