Momma Bluebird

I wasn’t the only one in the yard mothering on Mother’s Day. ¬† ūüėČ

Our Eastern Bluebird pair that quickly took residence of the bird house the kids made, has been hard at work, coming and going. ¬†But Momma Bluebird now appears to be sitting on eggs. ¬†Daddy Bluebird is bringing her lots of food and she doesn’t leave the bird house very often. ¬†Here she is peeking out, waiting for him to bring her another insect to eat.

I have a ton of blurry photos like this of this family. ¬†It’s nearly impossible to get a decent shot of them through older style double pane glass windows, and trying to shoot through the kid’s¬†swing set¬†to get a view. ¬†lol!
But you get the idea.  She is now sitting on the nest.

~ ~ ~