July 6th, 2009 – Blue Jay

Below are some photos of Blue Jays  ( Cyanocitta cristata ).

They are not the best quality photographs (taken at too great of a distance), but I found them amusing.  So I figured, why not throw them in here?  I noticed these two Blue Jays stealing dog food.  So I started watching them.  They didn’t mind my watching, until I started photographing them.  My camera makes a noticeable amount of noise.  And that drew their attention.

As you can see in this first photograph he was still focused on his next flight down to the dog food bowl:

Blue Jay - 07-06-09
Blue Jay - 07-06-09

Here is a photo taken a few shots later of one in flight, and the other giving me the stink eye:


If you think a bird cannot give you the stink eye, let me zoom in a little closer:


So after awhile of this (and I do mean awhile).  They decided that they would just sit there on the fence being perterbed at me:


Within moments of me going inside, they went back to stealing dog food.  🙂



These were taken June 3rd, 2009 (last week).

Lately we’ve had rabbits sneaking into the yard to nibble things, especially of the evening. I was able to sneak outside and get a few shots of three of them last week. Actually they were very tolerant of me being there, so much so that I ended up talking to them just to get them to turn their heads toward me in curiosity and make different faces at me. Which I thought was pretty amusing. At one point they thought they needed to run from me and headed away just a bit, but then they smelled something tasty and had to stop and eat it instead. LOL!

When I was about to wrap it up and come inside I saw the third rabbit, who initially spooked and started back toward the woods, but then decided no – that he’d rather go out in the open to the other two rabbits. Not the most brilliant move – had I actually been a threat. But since I wasn’t, he was safe. 😉 But he did manage to get himself photographed some more. 🙂

Here are a few of the shots from that day.





The third rabbit:


This is how far away I actually was, taking these shots:


The third rabbit licking his feet clean:


The third rabbit running out into the open to the other two, for “safety”.  😉


By that last shot there was so little light left outside that I am really surprised that I got that picture at all.  But that is why it is not as clear of a photograph, it was actually rather dark.

Today my husband saw them out with an entire batch of little tiny babies, but I wasn’t able to go out and get any photos.  😦   Maybe I’ll get another chance.

June 7th, 2009 – I’m back!!!

It’s been a really long time since I posted. Right after starting this blog I was put on modified bed rest for the length of this (my 3rd) pregnancy. So… I’ve been really limited in what I can do. Sometimes more so than others, just depending on how much my body has been cooperating with me from day to day.

Obviously because of this I have taken dramatically less photographs over the past few months. But I have snuck in the occasional shot here and there. Especially with things that were paricularly easy to get photos of. I hope to share those, and maybe some past photos with you here. And I will throw in new ones whenever I have been able to capture something new and interesting.

Right now I am almost 30 weeks into my pregnancy. I’ve been on modified bed rest for nearly 25 weeks and I am expected to delivery anytime between now and early August. Today I completed redesigning the layout of this blog into something I like much better than the old design and I hope you will too.


December 16th, 2008

Hello, if you have found my blog already I apologize that I have not posted any photos yet.  I plan on doing that soon.  Right now I’m just working on getting the blog set up, etc. 
Thank you for visiting and please check back.