August 21st, 2009

I haven’t been feeling very well lately and it appears that nature has decided to come inside and visit me, since I haven’t been able to go out much.

Today we had a baby skink in our basement, following the baby snake that got in just a few days ago.

This is not the norm around here.  Only the second time ever that I’ve seen a skink in the basement I believe, and the snake was a first.

As I said, I think nature has decided to come inside to visit me.  🙂

Welcome to the world my little one!

I haven’t posted anything new for a little bit.  Because I’ve been busy.  😉


My daughter was born July 27th, 2009, weighing 7 lbs 10 ozs and 21 inches long.  A fantastic size for a baby born a full three weeks early.  God answered my prayers and kept our little girl in longer than any of the doctors predicted I would be able to, and most importantly long enough for her to be healthy and ready to enter the world.

I had a very rough surgery experience this time around and I’ve got lots of recuperating to do but I hope to get back to at least my normal, soon.  Some things have already improved a lot.  Some things are still a struggle but I am keeping faith as always.

This is not a “personal” type blog, nor do I wish it to be.  But I had to share our good news.  For a woman that was told many years ago she would likely never be able to have children, God has blessed my husband and I with three wonderful little people who mean the world to me.  They make my life worth living.

June 7th, 2009 – I’m back!!!

It’s been a really long time since I posted. Right after starting this blog I was put on modified bed rest for the length of this (my 3rd) pregnancy. So… I’ve been really limited in what I can do. Sometimes more so than others, just depending on how much my body has been cooperating with me from day to day.

Obviously because of this I have taken dramatically less photographs over the past few months. But I have snuck in the occasional shot here and there. Especially with things that were paricularly easy to get photos of. I hope to share those, and maybe some past photos with you here. And I will throw in new ones whenever I have been able to capture something new and interesting.

Right now I am almost 30 weeks into my pregnancy. I’ve been on modified bed rest for nearly 25 weeks and I am expected to delivery anytime between now and early August. Today I completed redesigning the layout of this blog into something I like much better than the old design and I hope you will too.


December 16th, 2008

Hello, if you have found my blog already I apologize that I have not posted any photos yet.  I plan on doing that soon.  Right now I’m just working on getting the blog set up, etc. 
Thank you for visiting and please check back.