Clover Blooms

As is often the case, my mind is distracted by one thing while trying to focus on another.  Right now I’m thinking is the proper phrase “clover blooms” or “clover blossoms”.  I haven’t the foggiest idea.  So I went with Clover blooms, since that is how I would most likely say it out loud.  Which is why it is probably wrong.  LOL   If you know, leave me a comment.

Now back on topic,  I think clover is a good example of how we over look the everyday beauty in our lives.  Most people don’t pay any attention at all to clover.  Or they treat it as a yard weed.  Or maybe a child looks for a 4 leaf clover.  But how often do we stop and appreciate how pretty it is?


When I look at the tiny flowers within the flower, they remind me a bit of tiny little Irises.
The Iris is my favorite flower.

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “Clover Blooms”

  1. Very nice macro! Turns a very ordinary flower into something really spectacular! I’ve been browsing through your other photos, but won’t leave comments on all of them. I see you are up to August 🙂

  2. Thanks! I love looking at tiny things we normally walk right past.
    And nope not yet! The August post is when I changed the blog format, I am currently in photos from May. Yeah, very very behind. lol But I’ve been posting a lot more the past few weeks.
    Glad to see you here again. Sorry I’ve been so sporadic posting. I’m trying to do better! 😉

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