The Cowbird-Starling Family

I’ve posted before about my little visiting Cowbird-Starling Family.  Here they are again.  There’s about 5 or so in the family, all cowbirds but one.  They are in the back yard nearly every day.  This photo isn’t very good because it’s through glass and far away.  So I labeled them.  🙂  They get along so well and the Starling seems to have no clue that he’s the family misfit.  😉


a (poor) close up of the “baby” Starling:

I love this little bird family.  They make me smile.


~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “The Cowbird-Starling Family”

  1. I can’t imagine Cowbirds taking care of a Starling when they don’t even take care of their own babies! Such a funny family !

  2. It was funny to watch them all spring. I haven’t seen them recently, but I watched them for a couple of months. They were here basically every day. LOL

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