Hostas and Irises coming up

My hostas closest to the well house door always seem to come up the fastest each spring.


view from the top:

I really should have broken off last years bloom stems, but never really felt up to going around them all and doing it.


The ones on the other side of the well house are always a little slower to start.
But you can see them on each side, and my Irises in the middle:


Close up of the Irises:


My “volunteer” hostas:

I wish I had some help, I would love to transfer these to a location of their own.


These are the two large ones I have near the building:

The one on the right is a yellowish version.  The one on the left is a huge dark hosta or “blue” as they are sometimes called.
I don’t know the variety names of any of them.  I bought them many many years ago and didn’t keep the labels. Now I sort of wish I had.
The one on the left has a leaf spread of over 8 feet wide the last time I measured.  I wonder how big it will be this year.
It is gradually choking out the yellow.  I hope it survives.  Nobody seems interested in helping me move the yellow. Hopefully I can convince someone before it is completely over taken.  It’s very frustrating no longer being able to do these things myself.


This is a close up of the dark one:

I love how the stalks look purple as they start up.

~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “Hostas and Irises coming up”

  1. It seems so odd to see all these spring photos now…you will have to get caught up, Debbie!

  2. I know. You are so right! I wrote stuff on the days when it happened (as drafts), but haven’t added in the photos and published. It is weird even for me going back to work on them now. I’m so far behind now it seems almost tedious to try to catch up! I don’t want to skip them though because some of them I really liked. Especially the baby bluebirds I got to watch this year. Not the greatest quality photos of those, but it was great fun to watch them grow up from eggs.
    If I can just keep up a semi-regular posting schedule it won’t take too long to catch up because my health has kept me inside a great deal of this spring/summer. But I just need to *do* it. LOL! It seems like I am pulled in 100 different directions these days and get behind on 99 things to take the time to work on one. I think I need more hours in the day and more health to do things with. 😉

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