A sad little frost bitten violet

One lonely, pitiful looking, frost bitten wild violet.

Still it was nice to see a flower after the long cold winter we had.


Here’s a close up:

~ ~ ~

2 thoughts on “A sad little frost bitten violet”

  1. I can’t get over the fact that you just now have violets and iris? Wow…sorry they got frost bit. Oh….just noticed the date on this! No wonder I was confused!

  2. Yeah, sorry about that, I am way behind in posting and I like to make the post date the day they were taken, regardless of when I find time to post them. I should get caught up fairly quickly though because once pollen got worse I was hardly able to go outside at all for a couple weeks. Just a few short quick trips out around the house. But I do have some neat stuff coming up. Not the best photo quality (due to the location), but I’ve been watching and photographing the baby Eastern Bluebirds inside of my children’s bird house. It’s been fun keeping up with them. So I’ll be posting those as I come to them.

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