Fawn track

A small fawn track I stumbled upon.

It’s right above my hand.  I put my hand in the photo for size comparison.  I saw an adult whitetail deer track about 20 feet away.  But this one was very small, as you can see next to my hand, and I have really small hands.

2 thoughts on “Fawn track”

  1. LOL I didn’t even think about that. I’ve pretty much always grown them long since I was a young girl. That’s my left hand because I’m holding the camera with my right. The ones on my right hand are usually a little bit shorter than the ones on my left, because I’m right handed and I break them more often on that hand. But they all grow really fast.
    I can’t paint them anymore, now that my allergies are so bad. But I kinda like them better natural anyway.

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