Spider on a crocus bloom

I believe I’ve mentioned on here before that I am not terribly fond of photographing spiders, as they kinda give me the creeps.  But occasionally one will interest me.  I was looking at the newest crocus blooms today and saw this little one on one of the blooms.


a closer look:


What happened next is kinda funny (now).  I moved my camera to take photos of some other crocus blooms beside of this one.  (I’ll probably post a couple of those next.)  But while doing that, I had the camera extremely close to the bloom this spider was on.  When I raised the camera, the spider was gone.  The last time I looked at him he was taking one of those stances like they do when threatened.  So upon noticing that he was missing I went into a search of my camera, hoping he hadn’t jumped or crawled onto it when I had it too close to him.  I didn’t see him on my camera at all.  But was still wondering where he had went to, when finally I spotted him.

He had been hiding on the underside of the crocus bloom the entire time.

And I had wasted 5 minutes searching my camera for nothing.  LOL!

~ ~ ~

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