My first Crocus blooms of the year

I am always so happy to see these each year.  They pop up as soon as the snow is gone (sometimes while snow remains) and they inspire hope.  And they remind me that to everything there is a season.








Sorry I got a little carried away taking so many crocus photos.  But I love them.  And I was excited to finally have something interesting to photograph.  😉

~ ~ ~


2 thoughts on “My first Crocus blooms of the year”

  1. I think I might like these better than purple ones…more unusual. I only have 3-4 straggly looking purple ones this year. Don’t know what happened to others. Guess I need a few new bulbs.

  2. I really like the purple ones and the purple and white ones, but for whatever reason our ground turns everything white over time. One year my blue morning glories even came up mostly white! Someone told me it is because of where my Dad uses a lot of lime on the grass, and that will cause it they said (??) It does make sense, because my Dad puts out a lot of lime a couple of times a year.
    I bought these bulbs when Baby (the best dog I ever had) died, and I planted them atop her grave. They were a mixed set that included white, that orange/yellow color, and the purple and purple & white striped. But over the past few years there have been less and less purple come up. They are spreading and increasing, but the orangish yellow ones seem to be doing the best there so far. Those and the whites. Personally I really like the purple. But the few I have aren’t looking as good. I took some photos of them this week, but I haven’t gotten to posting those yet.

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