I believe this is a type of sparrow.  I shouldn’t admit this probably, but I’m honestly too lazy/tired too look it up right now.  😉  If anyone wants to tell me what it is, I’ll happily add the exact name in.  Or perhaps I’ll look it up myself when feeling a little more perky.  I just thought it was interesting to see it at that feeder.  I have seen them eat on the ground before, but never on that feeder.   I think it’s cute.

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3 thoughts on “Sparrow”

  1. Mine eat at the feeders all the time…I say mine as if I actually own them..haha I am pretty sure it is a sparrow too, but I am too lazy to look it up, also.

  2. Haha I say the same thing. 🙂
    I think it’s because of the type of feeder I have. It’s hard for the birds to hold onto the bars to sit. And some of the bars are missing (it’s old). Typically at the feeder itself I only get finches, titmice, and chickadees. But my parents next door, who have different types of feeders, get a much wider variety of visitors. I get a few others at the suet (woodpeckers & blue jays) and landing on the ground (junco’s etc), but not a lot. That’s about it for me.
    We started putting some seed out a few weeks ago on a little old wooden table on our front deck, and I’ve gotten some visitors there, but it keeps snowing all the time and covering it up. The birds around here have better options nearby, so my offerings are rarely high priority. 😉

  3. The photo is a little dark for me to see the colors well, but I would say a Song sparrow or a Fox Sparrow. Both have heavy spots in the middle of their chest. I’ve had a Fox sparrow hanging around this past week….don’t usually see them. Mine like to eat on the ground, but I don’t put the type of seed they like in any of my feeders. Most of my feeders are for birds that hang. I’m sure when they are hungry they will eat anywhere they can!

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