Spider babies!

Ok admittedly spiders give me the creeps, so you don’t see them too often here.  But occasionally I do photograph them.  This post is a combination of photos from two different dates.  On September 23rd, 2009 I saw this little nest tucked into the side of the brick.  I assumed it was a nest for spider babies, because that’s what it looked like to me.  But I wasn’t 100% certain at the time.  I decided to photograph it and then look in on it from time to time.  I figured I would probably never catch the babies on film, but I thought it might be worth a try.

This is what I saw in September:


I would take a peek at it from time to time, just to see if it was still there.  And today (November 8th, 2009) I saw this.  A nest full of little black baby spiders.  They are so tiny it didn’t really give me the creeps too bad.  LOL!


Here’s a close up:

Ok, they are a little creepy on close up.  LOL
I could have gotten better macro shots but I was doing some serious stretching and balancing to get this shot, since they are somewhat blocked by big English boxwoods.  So this was the best I could do, given the location.  Still I thought it was pretty cool that I happened by at just the right time to catch a photo of them.  I went back out a couple of hours later and they were all gone.

~ ~ ~

One thought on “Spider babies!”

  1. Spiders give me the creeps too. Kudos for having the guts to take pictures of little ones. Lol. I would have never been able to do even that!!

    -ForgetSimplicity. The world is just too complicated.

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