And the winner was…

The mud dauber vs. spider post got lots of traffic yesterday.  So I was a little surprised that there weren’t more guesses as to who won.  The winner in the conflict that I photographed and video taped below, was actually the spider!  A little surprising considering they are the prey of the mud dauber.  But it’s true.  The spider put up a good fight and he won.  At least twice I saw him bite the mud dauber and the mud dauber jumped back like it hurt him.  Once he actually flew off for a few minutes, then came back and attacked the spider again.  But the last time the spider got him, he left.  And I did not see him come back.  As you can see below the spider was looking pretty worse for the wear though.


I wondered if maybe the spider was paralyzed by the mud dauber and the mud dauber was just going to come back for it later or something, since the spider looked so rough.  But I continued to see the spider for a couple more days, and it was moving about out there and stuff.  And even looked better the next day.  So I guess he made it.  I thought it was impressive how hard the mud dauber was willing to work for his food, and how hard the spider fought.  I know I only took a few short video clips, but their “battle” actually went on for quite a long time.  Probably at least 20 minutes or longer.

Sorry for the creepies… but it was Halloween.  😉

~ ~ ~

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