hunter safety

It’s that time of year again, hunting season.  I’d just like to remind everyone hunting to never forget basic safety precautions.  No matter how many years you’ve been hunting, anyone can still make a mistake.

This afternoon we found our back steps, sidewalk, dog’s water bowl, and windowsill covered in buck shot.  😦

Thankfully it fell from a downward arch over the hill and nobody was hurt.  Still it was more than a little unsettling.

Last year we ended up with a hole in one of our buildings.  And this year this area where my children play being covered in buckshot, is enough to make a mother more than a little upset.  A cousin of mine is in from out-of-state and visiting next door, and he accidentally took a poorly chosen shot while squirrel hunting.  He has promised to be more careful.  He would never purposely endanger my family.  But it was a scary mistake and a reminder that everyone needs to remember to always think about where their shots will end up, not just what they are firing at.


In front of my back door:

DSCF4067_12%_300dpi(all of the round specks are buck shot)


my windowsill:


Thankfully everyone is fine.

~ ~ ~

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