“Do NOT call me a girl !!!”

I had dubbed the smaller, light colored, fine boned, shy squirrel a female.  It was never more than a guess.  But I referred to it as such on here, etc.  Well apparently he did not like that.  And has decided to retaliate by showing me more than I wish to see.  LOL    😉

You’ll have to take my word for it.


I apologize MR. Squirrel.  From now on, rest assured, you will be referred to as “he”.

~ ~ ~


3 thoughts on ““Do NOT call me a girl !!!””

  1. Yes it was a surprise. Especially when I had been calling him a her. I downloaded the photos and was like, Whoops! Not a girl !

  2. How funny! I think I should turn “Squirrel Sunday” over to you since my squirrels are just not cooperating right now. I love the modesty patch 🙂 I have one photo of a very obviouly male up in a tree showing me all too well what HE is.

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