Blue Mud Dauber vs. Venus Flytrap

For weeks now I’ve had a Blue Mud Dauber (Chalybion californicum) buzzing one particular Venus Fly Trap of mine.   It has amazed me how long it survived, given the fact that it was regularly on my fly trap plant.  Well today…  the fly trap won.

Usually I enjoy my CPs eating well.  But I was a little sad to see the blue mud dauber go.  They do not build nests like other mud daubers.  They re-use the abandoned nests of other species of mud daubers.  But what is most interesting to me about the metallic blue mud dauber (besides it’s color) is that they prey primarily on black widow spiders.  Making them quite useful to have around.  And it was the only one that I had seen this year.

R.I.P.  little blue mud dauber.  I should have photographed him while he was alive.  😉
But he never cooperated well with holding still.  Now all that is left of him is the hard parts of his body that the fly trap is now done with, having already closed, ate, and reopened.


~ ~ ~

3 thoughts on “Blue Mud Dauber vs. Venus Flytrap”

  1. The fly traps are great plants. And the easiest of the carnivorous plants to keep. Which is good for me. LOL !

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